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Welcome to the World of Kingdom Rush! If you enjoy playing online games where you need to defend your kingdom from the enemies, then the Kingdom Rush series will be a perfect choice for you. It is a tower defensive game in which your game avatar is required to protect the empire from enemy attacks by creating defensive buildings. You will come across several levels in the game that will be filled with violent enemy hordes and numerous challenges. So, get ready for some fun!

Kingdom Rush 1                                

Keep your soldiers ready and your barracks protected from the enemies in this entertaining version of Kingdom Rush series! You will have to work real hard to make your fortresses invincible. Ensure that your soldiers are not cooped up in the forts or they will be killed quickly by the enemies. Don’t forget to make use of the Magical Towers to knock down the opponents. There are several achievements that can be unlocked in various levels. Controlling the game is easy, so enjoy while saving your kingdom.

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Kingdom Rush 2

The achievements of the game increase and so does the enemies. You need to be extra cautious as there are over 40 different kinds of enemy troops. Don’t forget that all of them have a unique set of skills, so your game is certainly going to be an entertaining one. Pay more attention to your heroes and the defensive buildings and try to enhance them. As you keep progressing in the game, you can unlock more powerful heroes, achievements, and upgrade your skills.

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Kingdom Rush 3

The game progresses and you will come across powerful power-ups but that doesn’t mean you will be able to reach new stages quickly. These power-ups will give you strength but you need to be extra cautious. The enemies in the game are changing in each level in terms of strengths and weaknesses. So, you need to be very careful while killing them. Try to unlock the powerful heroes as fast as possible because they will be able to help you to survive for long in the game. Are you capable to unlock the mighty heroes now?

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Kingdom Rush 4

This version of the game has an interesting Encyclopedia feature that provides important information regarding the power-ups, upgrades, tricky levels, enemies, and defensive units. This feature will enable you to plan your moves carefully. Learning the pattern of attacks will help you to defeat the enemies quickly. Keep constructing ideal defensive units at the posts as they will provide great tactical advantage. Don’t forget to acquire ideal defensive units for the safety of your kingdom. The controls of the game are easy, so adults and kids can enjoy the game completely.

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Over 9 different heroes and 50 achievements to unlock, this version of the game is surely going to keep you entertained. Try to earn innumerable Coins, the game currency so that you can purchase several defensive units and upgrade the existing ones. If you are new to this gaming series then you can play the Casual mode of the game rather than the veteran one. Casual mode is extremely easy for novices. Once you get the knack of it, you can play the normal mode and then progress to the veteran mode. The mouse based controls of the game make it simpler for kids to play and enjoy.

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Kingdom Rush Origins

In this version, you will come across different characters and campaign mode. Try to unlock several one, two, and three stars that are available in each level. These will provide you with additional challenges and bonuses. Moreover, are you able to unlock the powerful heroes in the game? It won’t be easy; so the game is surely going to keep you addicted. Also, the 30 different enemies will keep you on your toes. Keep a track on the strength and weakness of each enemy so that you can plan your action accordingly. The in-game currency; coins and gems will enable you to purchase powerful defensive structures for your kingdom and will make you survive for longer in the game. So, have an adventurous time while playing this version of the series!

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Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Start playing the Kingdom Rush series right away to try your skills in defensive games!

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