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Kingdom Rush is a multi-platform browser based game where you need to defend your kingdom from the enemies. The objective of the game is to prevent the baddies from passing the check points, which can be done by attacking the enemies or by constructing defensive buildings such as Archery Towers, Barracks, Mages, or Dwarven Bombard.

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The game becomes increasingly difficult as you level up because you have to face more number of enemies at each level, which spawns more frequently and are more dangerous than the previous level. You will be awarded with Gold coins on killing enemies, which can be used to purchase additional defensive buildings or upgrade the existing ones.

Below mentioned are some of strategies, which makes the game one of the most widely played tower defense games across the world:

  • The game features a huge campaign mode and wide range of enemies, which keeps you addicted for hours.
  • It has an achievement system that will allow you to unlock new achievements such as Diversity, Specialist, Superstar, etc. as you keep progressing in the game.
  • The Cool Hero Room will enable you to unlock the hero of your choice. You can select any one hero from the 9 different notable warriors such as Ignus, King Denas, Bolin Farslayer, Ingvar Bearclaw, etc.
  • There are over 30 enemies to clash with, which includes Goblins, Orcs, Wolves, Trolls, Wizards, etc.
  • You will come across amazing power-ups such as Fire Spell, Reinforcement Spell, and Lighting Bolt Spell that will enhance your attacks.
  • The upgrade system will allow you to upgrade your defensive buildings, thereby making enemies more prone to damage.
  • Its multi-platform interface allows you to play the game in multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

The controls are very simple as the movements and attack controls are based on mouse. You can target the enemies to be attacked by clicking on them by using the Left Mouse Key. Special power ups can be activated by clicking on them using the action key.

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If you want to excel in this game then use the below-mentioned tips and tricks:

  • Save Coins: Coins allows you to construct defensive buildings and upgrade existing ones, so save more coins in order to spend them on your defensive buildings.
  • Choose the Right Defense: There are four different types of defensive buildings and each one of them has its own strength and weakness. So, be careful in terms of choosing an ideal defense building.
  • Use Power Ups: Power Ups generate over a period of time, small power ups re-generates sooner but big power ups takes more time to re-generate. Make sure you use the right power ups on the right enemy.
  • Earn Stars: You can lead your way to victory if you have good heroes to back you, so earn more stars to unlock new heroes.
  • Upgrade Skills: The enemies are more deadly as the game progresses, so be prepared to face them by upgrading your skills such as Armor, Toughness, Salvage, Eagle Eye, etc.

Using these tricks and tips may not guarantee your victory but it will surely improve your gaming experience.

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