Kingdom Rush 2

Developed by Ironhide Studios, Kingdom Rush 2 is also a tower defensive game but with a few twist and turns. In this game, you need to protect your kingdom from enemy attacks by strengthening your defensive skills.

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The game offers an intense campaign mode where you need to put up a defensive formation in order to beat different types of enemies. You are assigned a coin purse in each level to create the basic defensive structures, which can be upgraded later on in the game by using the game coins that you earn.

The game offers 3 difficulty levels to keep you engrossed and put your gaming skills to test:

  • Casual: The easiest level that is usually recommended for casual gamers who are new to strategic gameplay.
  • Normal: Medium difficulty level, which is a bit tougher than casual and ideal for gamers who are acquainted with strategic games and gameplays.
  • Veteran: The toughest difficulty level offered by the game for hardcore opponents, which is usually recommended for full-time gamers and professionals.

Below mentioned are some of the highlights of Kingdom Rush 2, which will compel you to play this game:

  • Enemies: You can battle over 40 different types of enemy troops such as Sand Hounds, Dune Raiders, Desert Thugs, etc. Each enemy class possesses a unique set of skills and has its own limitations; some are fast, some inflict more damage, some can withstand more damage, etc.
  • Better Defenses: You have an option of 4 different defensive buildings like the previous version of the game; Archer Tower, Barracks, Mages, Dwarven Bombard. However, you can upgrade these defenses to two basis levels and two advance levels, which will help you to easily defeat more difficult enemies.
  • Better Heroes: You can receive a default hero; Alric in the beginning of the game. More heroes such as Captain Blackthorne, Nivus, Grawl, Ashbite, etc. can be unlocked later. The game also features a Hero Room, which allows you to improve skills of your hero thereby giving you a full control of your hero’s character development.
  • Skill Upgrades: You can enhance your skills by choosing from over 30 skill upgrade options such as Rune of Power, Smoothbore, Steady Hand, Burning Skies, and more.
  • Easy Controls: The controls are mouse based, which means you can move around and perform actions by just using the mouse.
  • Achievements: Over 60 achievements can be unlocked in this game and each offers different rewards for you.

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If you still have any doubts just follow these tips and tricks, which will make the gameplay a piece of cake:

  • Construct ideal defensive units as they are the key to your success in the game.
  • Upgrade your defensive units as soon as you have enough money for it.
  • Focus on developing skills of your heroes; remember heroes can turn the tide in your favor.
  • Change your battle formations according to the enemies you face, as same defense will not work for all the enemies.

If you are looking for an ideal way to relieve yourself of daily stress then this is an ideal game for you!

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