Kingdom Rush 3

Are you equipped to protect your kingdom from hordes of enemies that have unique set of skills? If yes, then start playing the Kingdom Rush 3 game instantly! Being a strategic game, it puts your skills to test as enemies in each level are different and difficult than the previous levels. Game Coins are awarded during the campaign mode, which can be used to purchase new heroes, unlock new buildings, upgrade skills, etc.

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The game will provide you with an option to alter few important game settings that are listed below:

  • Sound: You can toggle sound On/Off in the Menu settings, which gives you an option to enjoy the game with or without sound.
  • Graphic Quality: You can also change the graphic quality in the game, which is an ideal option for people with old systems.
  • Control Re-Configure: The controls in the game are mouse based, that means everything in the game can be done by using mouse buttons. If you are more comfortable in using keyboard then you can re-configure them to suit your preferences.

The below-mentioned features are some of the highlights that will attract you to play and enjoy the game:

  • Campaign: The game provides one-of-a-kind experience in the campaign mode where you face different enemies in each campaign.
  • Enemies: The hordes of enemies you face in the game changes in each level as each enemy is different than the other in terms of strengths and weakness.
  • Heroes: The game provides you with a wide range of heroes to choose from, some enemies are unlocked after a specific level or they can be bought early by purchasing premium content.
  • Power-Ups: The power ups in this game are better than the previous versions; more effective and they spawn at more frequent intervals.

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To beat this game you need to know everything about it. To help you in this, here are some of the strategies that you should use:

  • Defensive Structures: Defensive structures are the most important aspect in the game. Your victory or defeat entirely depends on your choice of defensive structures.
  • Make Use of Purse: You are assigned with a predefined coin purse at the beginning of each campaign mode. Make optimum use of it by carefully selecting the ideal defense.
  • Acquire Heroes: Heroes are hardcore War Veterans and possess great capabilities, so acquire more heroes as and when the opportunity permits.

If you love strategy games, then try playing the Kingdom Rush 3 game and be assured that you won’t be disappointed.

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