Kingdom Rush 4

Kingdom Rush is an interesting sequel of the Kingdom Rush Series. Similar to the previous versions, this game is also based on Tower Defense mechanics. You need to protect your kingdom from waves of enemy attacks by planning and placing ideal defensive units at strategic locations. The game is a real deal for strategy game lovers, as this put your strategic skills to test. You need to level up in the campaign mode in order to unlock new maps, skills, heroes, power ups, etc.

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The controls are pretty simple; you don’t need to be a professional in order to play the game. You can move around by rotating the mouse in the desired direction, and all actions in the game are controlled by using Left Mouse Click. The enemy troops are automatically attacked if they come near the defensive structures or you can also choose to attack enemy troops by clicking on them.

Below mentioned are some of the important features of this game, which will hook you into the gameplay:

  • Gaming Experience: New Heroes, add on power ups, and different enemies will add up to your gaming experience and take it to the next level.
  • Achievements: You can unlock several achievements in the campaign mode and each achievement will provide you with special bonus or power-ups.
  • Ideal for All: The game doesn’t feature any gory graphics, which makes it ideal for all ages. So, adults as well as kids can enjoy playing this amazing game.
  • Encyclopedia: The game offers an Encyclopedia that will give you vital information in regards to Defensive Units, Upgrades, Power-Ups, and Enemies. This feature enables you to plan your moves more carefully by analyzing all aspects.

>> Play Kingdom Rush 4 <<


So, planning to play the game? However, read on these tips and tricks so that you can thoroughly enjoy this game:

  • Defense: As the game is based on Tower Defensive mechanism, so make sure you focus entirely on acquiring ideal Defensive units and upgrade them when the opportunity permits.
  • Learn from your mistakes: It is usually said that victory brings joy, but defeat brings experience! Learn the pattern of attacks so even if you are defeated you have earned something.
  • Tactical Advantage: Construct ideal defensive units at the posts as they will provide you with great tactical advantage. Also, focus on upgrading those units first as it exposes enemy troops to the maximum attack.

Kingdom Rush 4 is really compelling, if you don’t believe then try it out and see it yourself!

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