Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins is a prequel to the Kingdom Rush Series that is developed by Ironhide Studios. The game is released on pocket platforms; iOS as well as Android and is one of the most widely played tower defense game ever. The gameplay is similar to all the previous parts, but this game brings you the most intense Tower Defense action.

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The storyline of the game is quiet engaging, where you need to command your troops against various enemies in order to save Princess Alleria Swiftwind and take her safely to Linirea. Meanwhile, you will have to embark on a great adventure, which leads you through Enchanted Forests and ruins of Elven first city. Here, you need to face the two warlords Malicia- the Queen of Elves and Mactans- the ancient Spider Queen.

Listed below are some of the noteworthy features of the game that will keep you busy for many days:

  • Difficulty: The game allows you to toggle difficulty level from Casual, Normal, and Veteran on each level. You can set the difficulty on the basis of your preferences of gaming as each difficultly level brings more brutal enemies.
  • Campaign: The campaign mode tests your skills against waves of enemy attacks and on the basis of your performance in each level you are awarded stars.
  • Stars: One or Two Stars unlock new levels, but three stars will also unlock two additional challenges in the existing level namely Heroic challenge and Iron Challenge. These modes offer additional challenges in terms of more enemy waves and additional defensive towers.
  • Upgrades: Stars earned in the campaign mode can also be used to unlock defensive and offensive upgrades.
  • Graphics: The game features extremely compelling graphics and life like characters, which will stay on with you for a longer time.
  • Fantasy: Immerse yourself in a fantasy world where you take control of epic characters such as Elven Marksmen, Runed Bears, Magical Wizards, and Giant Trees.
  • Heroes: The game allows you to unlock nine different heroes and each player possesses unique traits, qualities, and limitations. Apart from acquiring heroes you can also master your powers and spells.
  • Enemies: Battle 3o different types of enemies including Gnolls, Giant Spider, Hounds, Sea Serpents, and Evil Sorcerers. The game also brings breathtaking boss battles, which will take your experience to the whole new level.
  • Achievements: You can unlock up to 70 different achievements in the campaign mode and each achievement rewards you with game Coins and new skills.

Download : iPhone  /  Android


If you want to beat your friends in Kingdom Rush Origins, then follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks:

  • Plan your defense after careful evaluation of your enemy’s strengths and weakness.
  • Acquire heroes as and when you can because each hero possesses the strength of over 20 enemy troops.
  • Try to earn more Stars as they can be used to unlock several defensive and offensive skills.
  • Save the game Coins and Gems in order to buy effective defensive structures for your kingdom.

If you like playing games on pocket platforms then you should surely try playing the Kingdom Rush Origins!

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